“I’ve been surfing for 30 years, starting in 1988 at the old Gros beach in San Sebastiàn. I remember waiting all day on the beach for my older brother Iñigo to leave his old table at the end of the day. So I spent the whole summer of ’88 until I got my first board. Since then surfing has been my passion and it has taken me to travel through much of the world, to get to know many cultures and people that I carry in my heart. As a surfing coach, my greatest satisfaction is seeing my students improve their surfing. Seeing them catch the first wave of their life is something that fulfills me completely. I’ve also been skateboarding and snowboarding all my life.”

Borja is from San Sebastiàn and as a local knows all the best places to surf the Basque coast. He is a professional surf instructor certified with national and international certificates and has taught for 10 years in various schools and in recent years in the well-known Pukas surf school. Before becoming a surf instructor, he was account manager for a well-known Basque communications firm specialized in the design sector.