• 2 April 2019
  • Surf

How To Rehab A Surf Injury

Recently one of our Gipsy Rider Surf School Team members got a painful injury caused by over-training and a hard fall. After numerous visits with doctors, orthopedic specialists, and yes even dreaded cortisone injections, our surfer still did not improve. So, we decided to help them search for a new plan for healing. We wanted to get them started on an exceptional physical therapy plan that would lead our surfer to wellness, and find a physical therapist who would connect on a one-on-one basis. The goal was to help our surfer return to the Ocean and lead a happier and healthier life and of course, get back to surfing! We are pleased to report that our surfer is now on the way to recovery and slowly but surely is able to return to surfing and skateboarding, thanks to the professional assistance we discovered at a new and locally owned Sports Therapy studio ‘Belharra’ located in Hendaye, France. We can only highly recommend them for any type of sports rehabilitation, but especially for Surf related prep training and physical therapy. Check them out! Belharra - Centro de Fisioterapia